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Ebooks are a versatile and ultra-modern way of creating content and providing value to your audience. Are you looking for an ebook ghostwriter? Look no further! Venture Web Designer; the best ebook writing agency in the US, has a whole team of experienced ebook writers dedicated to crafting ebooks that get your narrative across to audiences in a clear yet captivating way. 

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Why Choose Us

You may have no trouble finding an ebook ghostwriter for yourself today. But finding someone who you can trust with your ideas, your intellectual property, timely delivery and excellence is the real task. At Venture Web Designer we cut your search short with our ebook writing services where we promise:

  • Expertise: We offer a team of writers with an exceptional command on language skills and written expression. Our writers have years of experience with content and ebook writing across various genres and topics. 

  • Tailored Approach: Another thing that makes us the perfect ebook writing agency is our tailored approach towards each project. We work closely with you to understand your vision, goals, style and target audience to deliver an ebook that is a perfect translation of your ideas. Our methodology of creating each ebook is unique just as each of our ebooks is unique. 

  • Attention to Detail: Through multiple cycles of in-depth research and careful proofreading and editing of your ebook we commit an attention to detail like no other. Our aim is to ensure that the final manuscript we submit to you is a polished version free from all errors and lapses. 

  • Timely Delivery: Our ebook ghostwriting services stand apart because we ensure that you have your ebook published by the promised deadline if not before. We not only promise timely delivery, but also ensure timely fulfillment of each step. 

  • Transparent Communication: We believe that trust is the most important feature of a client-seller relationship. Through transparency in dealings we ensure mutual trust and ease of communication throughout the ebook writing process. You remain thoroughly informed at every stage and we remain readily available to address any queries you may have. 

What We Have Done So Far

Our ebook writing services have been able to condense the vision of over a hundred people into creatively written ebooks. Here are some of the best works from our portfolio, do check out!

How Things Work

Generating an idea, looking for the right words, choosing formats and finally publishing an ebook can be a lot of hassle. But why worry when we are here to help you through each complex step of ebook writing? From concept to completion, Venture Web Designer offers complete ebook writing services to turn your ideas to a well-crafted narrative. We have design a quick walkthrough of our ebook ghostwriting services for you so you can understand the process before we begin working together. 

Initial Consultation

Our ebook writing services begin with a detailed discussion with you, about you! This step is all about understanding your vision, goals, target audience and any potential concepts you may have regarding your ebook so we can shape the direction of your ebook.


Next up, we develop a compelling concept for your ebook that aligns with our understanding of your vision and goals. Alternatively, we can also work with a concept that you already have. In this case we polish the concept and optimize it to match your goals.


It is now time for some in-depth research. By the end of this step both of us have a clear understanding of what is going into your ebook and the first image of what it will look like. Here we create a detailed plan for your ebook, outlining its structure, defining key themes and finalizing content flow.


It is now time for our creative writers to get down to real work. Watch the magic of words work its way through the hands of our writers as your ideas are put together in an engaging and cohesive manner. Throughout this step we maintain open communication with you so your valuable feedback is incorporated into your ebook then and there.


Once your ebook is done, our team launches a meticulous review cycle to edit and proofread their work. With a focus on grammar, style and overall coherence of your ebook we collaborate with you to address any revision so the final manuscript exceeds your expectations especially when it comes to accuracy.

Cover Design

This step is entirely optional. If you want us to create a visually striking cover for your ebook, our creative designers are at your service. However if you feel you can do without it or would much rather do it on your own, you can jump to the next step without worry.


Once your ebook is ready and the final manuscript has been approved by you, we move towards publication. We format your ebook for publishing platforms of your choice and help you distribute your ebook to these platforms. Post publication support is also an integral part of our ebook writing services and we are always there to address any challenges that may arise post publication as well.

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Ready to begin your ebook? Our streamlined process is designed to bring your unique ebook vision to life effectively and efficiently. Let’s create something extraordinary together! We offer a range of comprehensive packages tailored to fit different genres, lengths and concepts of ebooks. Feel free to choose your package of choice from below or curate your own! 

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