The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The ever-increasing use of AI in digital marketing has changed the digital world more than we could ever imagine.

With the rise AI in digital marketing such as ChatGPT and other A.I. tools, the digital marketing landscape is evolving in the best possible way. These tools are streamlining digital marketing services and removing many unnecessary hurdles that waste time and resources. 

While Chat GPT is definitely the most popular A.I. tool out there, you have several other tools that offer specialized help, for different elements in your digital marketing services and we have discussed them down below. 

1. Data Analytics & Predictions

Predicting trends and behaviors is one of the most crucial elements of Digital Marketing and thanks to AI it has become much easier and smoother. ChatGPT has an incredible feature called the Advanced Data Analysis plugin which allows you to attach a spreadsheet with all of your data and within a few minutes, the AI algorithm will analyze it and give you the results that you need. Now, you can easily personalize your marketing strategies based on the insights that you receive.

2. Content Creation

The second most essential element for digital marketing services is the need for constant content creation for their clients. This requires immense time, energy, effort, and creativity, and when you’re in a time crunch, it can feel almost impossible to do. The use of AI in digital marketing services like content creation with tools such as Chat GPT and Jasper use Natural Language Processing to help marketers become a factory of content and consistently produce engaging, and interactive content that will serve your clients. All you need to do is feed the AI the correct prompt words, and then your work is done! 

3. AI Chatbots

When you’re swamped and overwhelmed with work, AI chatbots can help you manage the overload of appointments, meetings, and emails, streamlining them and providing you with the perfect schedule. The most obvious ones are Siri, Cortana, Copilot, and Alexa. But not just that, we also have chatbots for customer service that can answer customer queries, offer recommendations, and assist in the purchasing process. Some of the most popular ones include Zendesk, Zoho SalesIQ, and Netomi. 

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing can get tedious which is why you can use AI tools to not just simplify the process but also further optimize it. Tools like Drift will reply to emails on your behalf, and collect them together to make your work more efficient, while Phrasee offers more engaging subject lines and content that will make your emails more interactive. Along with that, Clickup tracks the performance of the email while Seventh Sense offers the best time to send it. Together, they form a formidable team and you can opt for either one or a combination to transform your email marketing. 

5. Segmentation of Your Audience

Since AI can analyze large amounts of data in a short period, you no longer need to worry about manually analyzing and segmenting customers or clients based on their behavior, demographics, and interests. Using machine learning, AI tools like Google Analytics, Optimove, and Glance can do it for you. They will then tailor your advertisements and customize them for your preferred audience. 

6. Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now that we have AI in digital marketing, the SEO landscape has transformed immensely, and the good news is that AI will now do all the heavy lifting that digital marketers have to do manually. With advanced algorithms that can crunch data within seconds, you now have the golden opportunity to easily attract traffic to your page. Keyword research can be automated, and creating headings, and meta tags becomes the job of AI software like Semrush or

Nowadays, voice search and video search are also growing popular and people are relying on those to search for the content that they need. This means that we need to adjust the way we approach SEO. The good news is that AI can optimize all of it in one go and you don’t need to fret about it. Botify is one such tool that works for voice search optimization while Google’s Bard can help with optimizing metadata for videos. 

7. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

While SEO allows you to attract free traffic to your website, in pay-per-click advertising, your business is advertised on different channels and you only have to pay when a potential customer clicks on the ad. Various AI tools like, Revealbot, and Adzooma can now automate complex tasks such as bidding, video ad production, and data analysis. 

8. Try Programmatic Advertising

Progammatic Advertising has been the talk of the town, and many people claim that it has disrupted the use of digital marketing as know it. In simple words, instead of you having to manually choose a digital advertising space, this process is automated and AI algorithms connect your business with the right space for it. This allows you to target customers based on their online behavior. It has proven to be successful for many large businesses and has even offered a 10:1 return on investment (ROI) for the Economist. 

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